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A Better Western Australia

Western Australia is much better off having absorbed many thousands of families escaping the horrors of war or seeking a better life. From market gardens to fishing and stone masonry, the influx of hard working folks built a better state. My old man was… Continue Reading “A Better Western Australia”

He Did So For His People

The Bibbulman Noongar existed for more than 40000 years on the land and many of us can imagine how beautiful it was. Crabs, prawns, oysters, mussels, kangaroos , birds, fresh water and more. When settled by the white people, a simple view would be… Continue Reading “He Did So For His People”

The Old Swan Brewery Lights

Click here to help bring back the Old Swan Brewery Lights. 1857 saw the creation of the Swan Brewery by Frederick Sherwood at the foot of where Sherwood Court now stands. After his passing, his family leased the brewery and the new partners to… Continue Reading “The Old Swan Brewery Lights”

Aussie Music – My 100 or so.

I shared a playlist yesterday of my favourite Australian songs that mean so much to me and it’s difficult to keep it to only 100 artists. I like loud music although when alone I like a few slow ones plus a little comedy and… Continue Reading “Aussie Music – My 100 or so.”

Did You Attend?

    The Perth Entertainment Centre had turned one and Queen had just released A Night At The Opera as a young Duff was approaching 12 years of age beginning to choose favourite bands thanks to influences from my school friend Richard Ollerenshaw , … Continue Reading “Did You Attend?”