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Gold Rush Railway

The story of Northam versus York in the race to be the pathway to Yilgarn and beyond began after a speech by Governor Sir William Robinson January 22nd 1890. It has been an interest of mine as Northam is where the family called home.… Continue Reading “Gold Rush Railway”

The Spaceship

The Futuro House: Spaceship Living On Earth (1965) Introduced at the Finnexpo fair in 1968, the Futuro concept was created by architect Matti Suuronen, to be plonked on a block of land ideally as a home away from home.  . © Matti Suuronen, Espoo… Continue Reading “The Spaceship”

A Crooked Road

One accepts a curve in a road today but the most prominent one we may wonder about is where St Georges Terrace meets Adelaide Terrace. Looking at the image from 1859 which shows Roe’s structure to the left and a shed to the other… Continue Reading “A Crooked Road”

The Night Caller

I spoke with Police historian Peter Skehan yesterday whilst repairing his fence and although we have spoken in the past of Eric  Edgar Cooke, I didn’t raise the topic this time although it crossed my mind. Today I see a photo of Rookwood Street… Continue Reading “The Night Caller”

A Children’s Fancy Dress Ball

Our tale begins at the Fremantle Town Hall as it opened on the 22nd June, 1887, to coincide with the celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. A grand opening ceremony was held, followed by a day of sport and a grand ball in the… Continue Reading “A Children’s Fancy Dress Ball”