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Keeping Up With Local Gossip?

Since cars began to compete with horses, service stations have been around such as Newell’s on Albany Road Kelmscott opposite The Ponderosa. Whilst offering fuel and oil, the attendants would check your tyre pressures, fluid levels, wipers and battery whilst keeping up with the… Continue Reading “Keeping Up With Local Gossip?”

On This Day

It was June of 1893 that Paddy Hannan found gold at Mount Charlotte beginning a gold rush that at today’s rate has hit 100 billion dollars extracted from the ground.   Also in June 1893 saw Samuel Pearce and William Brookman credited with the… Continue Reading “On This Day”

Return of the Polly Waffle

Pool party fun again as the Polly Waffle is about to make a comeback!! South Australian chocolate maker Robert Menz, who bought the rights from Nestle’ to manufacture the Violet Crumble last year using the original Hoadley’s recipeĀ  has now bought the rights to… Continue Reading “Return of the Polly Waffle”

Our Big Country Town

I remember all to fondly the trips into the big smoke with Mum and my sister Faye. We’d do all the things you remember like Coles Cafe’, had our photo take outside the bank on Murray Street, gone to the Grand Cinema to watch… Continue Reading “Our Big Country Town”

Richmond and Bicton

Formerly Richmond and now known as East Fremantle , the area saw The Castlemaine Brewery operating from 1896-1963. Photo thanks to SLWA c1902- 1904. Looking from East Street Jetty now we see some impressive industrial structures. Businesses along the riverfront could be serviced from… Continue Reading “Richmond and Bicton”