Return Tickets To A Time Thought Gone

Thank you to all who have helped us get half way to our goal.

Please help now

If you like surprises, then I have plenty of them to present to you with your help?

Since this campaign began we have pending for you to view Donald Campbell’s famous 1964 world water speed record on Lake Dumbleyung and testing at Crawley Bay, The opening of The Narrows Bridge and a Volkswagen travelling across the Swan River in the water, The Alkimos as she once was on the beach north of Perth plus as seen here the last tram to run on the streets of our City and a steam train travelling through the Swan View Tunnel in Perth’s hills.


74 tins of 16mm film were found on a verge in Nedlands by a passer by. I purchased these films to share with Lost Perth followers but it is expensive to convert them to digital format. I have spoken to relatives of the gentleman who recorded these films and they will accept a digital copy and I will do the same for the State Library of WA.

The films , in colour and black and white, range from 1948 to 1961 including Kings Park, Perth, Fremantle Bunbury, Wagin and Albany.

Museums and libraries do not have the funds to convert their own collection so it is up to us if we wish to watch these films ourselves. This also gives us the ability to ALL view the films.

On top of this rare footage , we have 3 more collections to be converted including that of WW2 hero Jack Sue. (and three more families have emailed me over night with more film)


When we have enough film I will get a movie edited on to a DVD with highlights of the footage to be provided to each and every person who put up the cash to help us get this project happening as a thank you.

The film I will take from town to town for charities to hold film nights where we will find more great photos and memories for Lost Perth and libraries.

The fun is just beginning as you never know who you are going to spot of so much film, maybe even Mum & Dad?

Please help me to show you our history on film.

Any amount will help, click here please.

Cheers Duff.

Glen Webster Narrows Bridge

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